Screenshot of Vectoroids2x
Download (archive)
Original Developer Vecteroids
Ported By IceOnly
Version 1.1.0
Webpage Vecteroids
Status Released and Playable

Vectoroids2x is a shoot'em up where its goal is to destroy enemy ships or asteroids using its laser. It is a clone of the classic arcade game called "Asteroids" created by Atari. Bill Kendrick based it on the game Asteroids and ported it to SDL with some help and IceOnly (Thomas Williamson) made the port to GP2x.



The game is playable in the current version. The source code is delivered with the game.


  1. Download the file and extract the contents to where you want it on your SD card.
  2. Install, if that were not done yet, SDL libraries for GP2x.
  3. Launch the game from the file "vectoroids.gpe".


  • In the menu:
A New Game.
X Continue the game.
  • In the game:
SELECT Access the menu.
A, B, X or Y Shoot.
R, L or Joystick up Activate the propulsion.
Joystick Left/Right Turn.
Joystick Button Start with the next life after losing one.


  • You can change the basic image by modifying the file "redspot-e.bmp" located in the repertory "data\images".
  • You can change the music of the play by modifying the file "decision.s3m" in the file "data\music", attention the file must be with the module with the format s3m.
  • You can change the sound effects by modifying the files present in the repertory "data\sounds".
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