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Download Archive
Original Developer Quiest
Ported By Quiest
Version 0.2
Status Relased

Extender is a game in which the aim is to score as high as possible by exploding as many blocks at once with a limited number of bombs.

This game is a Fenix re-make of the game Every Extend by OMEGA.


  • Extract the contents from the archive to anywhere on the SD card


Green blocks leave quicken items, which raise the possibility for blocks to appear, which increases the chances of getting higher combos.

Blue blocks leave no-claims bonus objects. The more that are recovered without exploding, the more points gained.

The number on the top center of of the screen is your time, if it reaches zero, the game is over.

The first number on the lower center of the screen is the score, the second one is the extend count, once it is down to zero an extra life is gained.



  • X - Start Screen
  • Y - Exit To GPLinux Menu

In game

  • STICK - Move the bomb
  • X - Explode the bomb
  • Y - Exit To Titlescreen
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