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Screenshot of TileWorld2X
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Original Developer Brian Raiter
Ported By Senor Quack (Dan Silsby) (with new GUI & music)
Version Beta 1
Webpage (forum link)
Status Released and Playable, stable beta

TileWorld2X is a port to the GP2X of TileWorld, the open source interpreter for Chip's Challenge levels. TileWorld is able to emulate both the Lynx and the MS versions of Chip's Challenge and by switching rulesets, is able to play any level created for Chip's Challenge. TileWorld2x boasts improvements over the desktop version of TileWorld, including music support, improved sound samples (OK, one), a simplified and prettier GUI, and automated handling of configuration files when you add a new levelset.

Version history: 11/07/2007: Beta 1

Download: [1]

Source code to both TileWorld2X and TileWorld 1.3.0: [2]

Forums Post: [3]

Original TileWorld webpage: [4]



Chip's Challenge is a tile-based, one-player puzzle game in which the player controls an on-screen character, named Chip. The goal is reach the exit square of each level. The exit is usually blocked by a "chip socket" that can only be passed once a specific number of microchips have been collected. Levels can include block-pushing puzzles, dodging different enemies, and labyrinth navigation. A combination of quick reflexes, trial-and-error, and intelligence are required. Most levels include a time limit and online competition to beat a level with the most remaining seconds exists.

It remains a popular game today, despite having been introduced in 1989 on the Lynx handheld, because of the ability to design custom level packs, some reaching hundreds of levels in size. The version that truly launched Chip's Challenge's polularity was the Microsoft Entertainment Pack version released in the early nineties. There are differences in the rulesets of the MS and the Lynx versions, and for this reason some levels created by users can only be played under the MS rulset. TileWorld2X and TileWorld are compatible with both.

TileWorld2X does not include the original 144 levels of the game, but can play them if the CHIPS.DAT from a legally owned copy is placed in the data/ folder. TileWorld2x includes over a dozen end-user created levelspacks, totally over 500 levels in all, including CCLP2, the unofficial fan-made "sequel" to the original game. Thus, there is no need to obtain the original game to have some fun. NOTE: some levelsets were clearly only designed for the MS version of the game. If the game says "Cannot be played using Lynx rulset" for the majority of levels, you should probably only play it with the MS configuration TileWorld2X generated for it. Unfortunately, the MS version of Chip's Challenge doesn't support all sounds or fluid animation.

For more information on Chip's Challenge, visit these webpages:

Wikipedia entry on Chip's Challenge | Many user-created levelsets | More levelsets | Yahoo levelset file collection | Chip's Challenge discussion newsgroup with online score competition |


Tileworld2x sshot1.png Tileworld2x sshot2.png Tileworld2x sshot4.png Tileworld2x sshot3.png


Chip is controlled with either the joystick, or the four buttons X/Y/A/B which act as a pseudo-D-pad.

Installation of new levelsets

The included readme.txt has all the details. Copy the leveset data file into the data/ subfolder. Capitalization and file extension don't matter. TileWorld2X will find this new file and create two .DAC tileworld configuration files in the sets/ subfolder, each named LEVELSETNAME-ms.DAC and LEVELSETNAME-lynx.DAC. You can then select these levelsets within the game. Each configuration will play the new levelset with either the MS or Lynx ruleset. Recording of completed levels and level times are separate for each.

Known Issues

There are no known crash bugs as of Beta 1. A slight, extremely intermittent sound glitch on repeating sounds is known of and will be fixed at a later point.

Some levels, even if playable with the Lynx ruleset, are still not able to be completed. If a level includes, for instance, a force floor that runs up against a block that is stuck in place, Chip will die in Lynx mode, but live in MS mode. Playing in MS mode will ensure all levels are completable.


I might add a level editor. I will probably add support for adding custom music.

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