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In game screen
Download (archive)
Original Developer Ismael Orenstein
Ported By ParkyDR
Version 0.1
Webpage Porter's Site
Status Released and playable

2XRally is a port of XRally.

You control a blue car and collect yellow flags around a maze-like map, while avoiding the red cars. The blue car can use clouds of smoke through the maze. If a enemy touch any of these clouds, it stops for a while. The enemy cars can also crash one with the other, what gives you some extra time.

This game use the X server, which is included in the file and automatically installed (if not present)

The source code is available here.



  • Download from the archive and place the contents on your SD card.
  • Launch the .gpe file to start the game.


In Menu

  • Joystick: Choose option.
  • B: Validate/Enter.
  • START: Go back a menu (exits at the top level menu).
  • Vol+/-: Volume.

In Game

  • Joystick: Move.
  • A: Drop smoke.
  • START: Quit level.
  • Vol+/-: Volume.

In Highscore

  • Joystick Up/Down: Choose letter.
  • Joystick Left/Right: Delete/Add letter.
  • START: Quit level.
  • Vol+/-: Volume.


  • Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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