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Screenshot of Drill2x
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Original Developer Site of the original game
Ported By kfazz, Adas, birslip (better than 0.03)
Version Final
Status Released and playable

Drill2x is a port of the game Miss Driller which utilizes the SDL libraries. Miss Driller is a clone of Mr Driller.

The source code is present in game archive.



  1. Download the file and extract the contents from the directory "new folder" to the root of your SD card. The directory "src" contains the source code of the game.
  2. Install, if that were not done yet, the SDL libraries.
  3. Launch the game with the file drilllaunch.gpe.


Use A and Y in the menu, and for the high score area, A enters letters, X deletes letters, Y exits to main menu



  • The game images can be changed by modifying the data in the directorys "susumi" for the character and "system" for the background and objects.

Version History:

  • v0.05 05/01/2007:
    • The CPU is underclocked so as to play more time!
    • The game can be paused when pushing start.
    • Fixed highsore.
  • v0.03 Enhanced 03/01/2007:
    • Better graphics.
    • Better sound support.
    • Enhancement of the controls.
  • v0.03 28/12/2005:
    • The sound functions and implementation of all the functions are avaliable on the source code.
  • v0.02 :
    • No sound management, but character improvement.
  • v0.01 27/12/2005:
    • First version released.

Old Graphics from version 0.03

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