Defend Your Colony

Defend Your Colony
Download (archive)
Developer Bernd Kantoks
Version 1.1
Status released and playable

Defend your Colony has been inspired from the board game Risk and therefore can be explained easily and quick to others. Every player makes his action while the others can only hear what is happening on hand of the sound effects – then the GP2X is reached from player to player.



  • Download from the archive and place the contents on your SD card.
  • Launch the .gpe file to start the game.


  • up to 6 players parallel (6 races)
  • perfect for a game during a journey
  • playable with or without a touchscreen
  • several game modes including war fog
  • opposing success can be detected by the sound
  • failure can also be recognized by sound, funny comments guaranteed
  • easy to learn, because identical with the boardgame Risk


Planets which can be colonized are rare in the galaxy. Just recently the world Dnreb has been discovered. 6 tribes, the most different that can be, have started their journey to make this world their new home. You have control over one of them. Defend your colony!

Defend Your Colony refers to the gaming world of the browser game Skrupel - Tribute Compilation. The races as also the planet can be found there. Though regarding the game principle the two games have nothing in common.


Playable with and without touchscreen.


There is no ai at the moment, but it is in the pipeline.

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