Memory GP2X

Memory GP2X
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Developer Guyfawkes
Version 1.1
Webpage website

Memory is based on the classic tile matching game. You need to flip over 2 of the 24 tiles and try to match them. When they are matched they remain flipped. If the tiles do not match then the 2 tiles will flip back over. The game is complete when all the tiles are matched.


  • 9 tile sets
  • Normal, Time Trial and Challenge modes
  • Customise nearly the entire game with your own graphics sound and music

Version history

Version 1.1 changes:

  • Fixed crashing bug when trying to Quit the game.
  • Now using original music in .mod format instead of .ogg, reduces space on SD card and sounds a bit nicer.
  • Audio speedup bug should be fixed if it was happening.
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