Screenshot of Pang
Download (archive)
Original Developer Michel Louvet
Ported By Ingo Arndt
Version v1.1.1
Webpage Author's page
Status Released and Playable

Pang is a clone of the classic arcade game Pang where, armed with a harpoon gun, you must destroy a series of balloons. Ingo Arndt, also known as scachi, ported the Linux version of Pang by Michel Louvet to the GP2x.

The Source Code is available here.


  • Download from the archive and place the contents on your SD card.
  • Launch the game from the file "ppang.gpe".


  • Pang1.png Game Icon #1'
  • Pang2.png Game Icon #2'
  • Pang3.png Game Icon #3'
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