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Version 0.2
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Status Released and Playable

 Controls In menu
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Move to option.
Button b.gif Select option.
Button start.gif Previous menu.
 Controls In game
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Move.
Button a.gif Slow.
Button l.gif Alternative slow.
Button r.gif Alternative slow.
Button b.gif Weapon 1.
Button x.gif Weapon 2.
Button y.gif Weapon 3.
Button start.gif Quit level.

This is a port of Garden of Coloured Lights (see

An entry for the 2007 Options competition.

"A musical shoot-em-up influenced by rRootage, Radiant Silvergun and Rez."


  1. Download and extract the archive on your SD.
  2. Launch the game with "Garden2X.gpe".

Version history

  • v0.2:
    • Stop crashing into trails
    • Fix slow down and add L/R as well as A
    • Resize weapons and background
  • v0.1:
    • First version.
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