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This article refers to the graphical version of Nethack, for the ASCII version see Nethack (ASCII).
In game screen
Download (archive)
Original Developer GP2XGamer
Ported By Dzz
Version 0.6
Webpage Porter's Site
Status Released and playable

Nethack is a role-playing dungeon-exploration game. Originally developed for unix systems in the mid 1980's, it is one of the oldest games in continuous development. Many Nethack fanatics consider it to be the best computer game ever made.

Nethack was designed with a keyboard interface and a large screen in mind, so the gp2x port includes extensive interface changes to adapt the gp2x screen and controls to this classic game.

Source available at the archive.


Controls in Game Mode

In the normal gameplay mode (that is, when you are not selecting something from a menu or performing some other special task), here is a complete mapping of the controls. You can refresh your memory on this list by selecting Help from the Main menu.

   START = invoke the Main menu
   SELECT = invoke the Activities menu (shortcut)
   A = invoke the Action menu (shortcut)
   L+A = cast a spell
   B = invoke the Use menu (shortcut)
   L+B - zap a wand
   X = look at things in your current location
   L+X = enter Farlook mode to examine things
   Y = open
   L+Y = kick
   L = a "shift" key used to alter commands
   R = repeat last command
   L+R = fire weapon
   Joystick = move
   L+Joystick = move a far distance
   CLICK = search or pick up
   L+CLICK = wait/rest
   VolumeUp, VolumeDown = zoom in/out
   L+VolumeUp, L+VolumeDown = scroll top text

Full Controls List

Key Command GP2X Equivilent
< Up Activities/Up
> Down Activities/Down
? Help Main/Help
$ Count gold Gold on status lines
! Shell n/a
/ Whatis L+X, then hold L when making selection
\ Known Main/Info/List Objects
+ List Spells Main/Info/List Spells
_ Travel n/a
. Rest L+STICK
, Pick Up STICK
@ Toggle pickup n/a
: Look X
; Farlook L+X
A Take off all armor Activities/WearWield/Remove All Armor
a Apply Use/Apply
^A Again R
C Call Activities/Advanced/Name Monster
c Close Activities/Close
D Drop selected types n/a
d Drop Use/Drop
^D Kick L+Y
E Engrave Activities/Advanced/Engrave
e Eat Use/Eat
F Fight Action/Fight
f Fire Action/Fire Weapon
I Partial inventory n/a
i Inventory Main/Inventory
j Jump Activities/Do/Jump
k Kick L+Y
l Loot Activities/Loot
N Name Activities/Advanced/Name Object
O Options n/a
o Open Y
P Put on Activities/WearWield/Wear Accessory
p Pay Activities/Pay
^P Prevmsg L+VolumeUp, L+VolumeDown
Q Quiver Activities/Advanced/Ammunition
q Quaff Use/Quaff
R Remove Activities/WearWield/Remove Accessory
r Read Use/Read
^R Redraw n/a
S Save Main/Save & Quit
s Search STICK
T Take off Activities/WearWield/Remove Armor
^T Teleport Activities/Do/Teleport
u Untrap Action/Untrap
V History n/a
v Version Version shown at startup
W Wear Activities/WearWield/Wear Armor
w Wield Activities/WearWield/Wield
X Explore mode Currently not implemented
x Xchange Activities/Advanced/Exchange Weapon
^X Show attributes Main/Info/Attributes
Z Zap spell L+A
z Zap wand L+B
^Z Suspend n/a
#adjust Adjust inventory n/a
#chat Talk to someone Activities/Advanced/Chat
#conduct List challenges n/a
#dip Dip something Action/Dip
#enhance Advance skill Main/Info/List Skills
#force Force a lock Activities/Force
#invoke Invoke object's powers Use/Invoke
#jump Jump Activities/Do/Jump
#loot Loot box Activities/Loot
#monster Use monster's ability Activities/Monster
#name Name object Activities/Advanced/Name Object
#offer Offer sacrifice Activities/Offer
#pray Pray for help Activities/Do/Pray
#quit Quit w/o save Main/Quit (No Save)
#ride Ride a monster Activities/Ride
#rub Rub a lamp or stome Use/Rub
#sit Sit down Activities/Do/Sit Down
#turn Turn Undead Action/Turn Undead
#twoweapon Toggle 2handed combat Activities/Advanced/Two Handed
#untrap Untrap something Action/Untrap
#version Version info n/a
#wipe Wipe face Activities/Do/Wipe Face
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