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Boomshine2x is a GP2X clone of Boomshine, a flash game by Danny Miller. The clone is written in Fenix, by Sam Fisher, with full permission from Danny. Version 1.0 was released for the GBAX 2007 Coding Competition.



In Boomshine2x there are twelve levels, each slightly harder than the last. On each level there are a specific number of balls bouncing round the screen, and the player must strategically set off an explosion (using the cursor) that will cause a chain reaction of explosions as balls themselves are detonated by the initial and subsequent blasts. To complete the level a set target number of balls must be detonated, all using the single original explosion. As the levels progress the target number becomes larger and closer to the total number of balls on screen, thus making the twelth and final level particularly hard to complete.

For each ball the player causes to detonate, their score is incremented by one. Thus, at the end of the twelth level the player's final score is the sum of all the balls detonated during their playtime. If all the balls on screen are eliminated by the players initiated chain reaction, a "Boomshine" has been achieved. This causes the players score amassed for that, and only that, level to be doubled and a sound to play signaling the "Boomshine" achievement. At the end of the game the final score is the sum of the balls detonated on each of the twelve levels, plus any "Boomshine" bonuses recieved. Once the game is complete, if the players score is high enough, they are given the chance to input a new score which will be placed onto the highscore table appropriately.

The highscore table can be reached and viewed from the main menu.


Boomshine2x renders its graphics on the fly each time the game is launched and thus the balls used in the game are a different set of different colours with each launch of the game. The colours are randomly chosen and the balls are blurred to try to eliminate aliased edges.

New to version 1.02 are different game modes which are essentially different skins at the current time. They can be selected from the options menu, also new in version 1.02. Each game mode has its own scoreboard that can be accessed by using the L and R buttons on the highscore table. This is because different shapes affect how easily a higher score is attainable.

New to version 1.03 are a few further changes to the options menu. Now it is possible to change the volume of the background music and the sound effects separately as well as to turn either or both off by setting the volume to zero. Furthermore, after changing settings they are applied and then saved so that you don't need to reset your settings after you next run the game again.

New to version 1.04beta is in game support for the touchscreen for use on GP2x F200 units.


  1. Download the Boomshine2x zip file
  2. Extract the zip file to somewhere on your computer
  3. Copy the "Boomshine2x" folder to anywhere on your SD card, or your GP2X's NAND flash memory
  4. Launch "Boomshine.gpe" to play the game

Future Planning

The Boomshine2x control flow code as of beta1.04 is atrocious and unmanageable. Before any updates can be made to the game a complete rewrite of all the non game play mechanic related code is required. The next released version will be version 1.1 completely rewritten using the newer UFenix.

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