Screenshot of Phantomas
Download (archive)
Original Developer PhantomasPC
Ported By Traperic
Version 0.8
Status Released and Playable

A remake of the classic game Phantomas. A cool Jump'n'Run.


  1. Download the file and extract the contents to your SD card. Most games can be installed anywhere, but some games need their own directory and some have to be installed to the root of the SD card - check this first.
  2. Install the SDL libraries for GP2X if necessary - see the instructions if needed.
  3. Launch the game with the included gpe file.
  • Many games may require you to maintain the file structure within the archive - if the game seems to quit back to the menu as soon as you open it this is a common cause.


In order to begin the game X in menu presses main, NO selects options, that they could block the console. During the game it uses X for wide jump and B for the high jump, joystick for moving left and right. If in algun moment you need moverte with but well-taken care of it uses button L to go to the left and R for the right, to quit the program uses L+R.


This is quick port of Phantomas PC to the GP2X.

All the libraries are statically connected (allegro, lua, alfont and dumb) with which would have with no need to work to install nothing.

Feasible the information of purification with strip has been eliminated him and later it has been compressed with gpecomp.

The game has enough failures, specially with the menus, and ademas needs many optimizations (the screen of the game is scaled from 640 xs 480 to 320 xs 240 among other sarcastic comments), patience, we are working in it...

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