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Download (archive)
Original Developer New Breed Software (Bill Kendrick)
Ported By techFreak
Version v0.2
Webpage gp2xtr
Status Released and Playable

A port of Gem Drop X, a game similar to Magical Drop.



  1. Download the file and extract the contents to your SD card. Most games can be installed anywhere, but some games need their own directory and some have to be installed to the root of the SD card - check this first.
  2. Install the SDL libraries for GP2X if necessary - see the instructions if needed.
  3. Launch the game with the included gpe file.
  • Many games may require you to maintain the file structure within the archive - if the game seems to quit back to the menu as soon as you open it this is a common cause.


In Title Screen

  • Y - Changes the level.
  • START - Starts the game as usual.
  • SELECT - Quits the game.

In Game

  • X - Picks up blocks. (You can only pick up gems)
  • A - Throws blocks.
  • B - Pulls down the blocks and adds a new line of blocks to screen.
  • SELECT - Pauses the game. (Press SELECT again to continue)
  • START - Ends the game.
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