Download (archive)
Developer yaustar
Version alpha 0.1
Webpage yaustar's site
Status Released and playable

Dance2x is a game in the style of the games of Dance Dance Revolution and Stepmania where you press the buttons in sync with the rate/rhythm of the music to make the best score.

The source code is available: here.

Yaustar does not wish to continue working on this software so he released the source code for those which would like to improve it.


A, B, Y and X or Joystick directions - arrows directions in screen.

Select - To return to the main menu when in game.

B - Continue or Select in the menus.


You can modify the interface by changing the files contained in the directory "Backgrounds" and if you soihhaitez to modify f├Ęchez them or the others it is necessary to change the file contained in the directory "Graphics".

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