I'm an avid emulation fan, as well as a bit of a Linux nut. My programming days have sadly been left back in the stone age along with my university courses but I still find time to code the odd thing here and there. Since getting my GP2X, I've been desperate to write something for it and I started by writing an SDL port of Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection, which I have named STPPC2x. The port went well considering that I haven't programmed in C for years and years.

If anybody's really interested, I can bore them to tears with explanations of mathematical graph theory and why those particular puzzles are interesting to a graph theorist. Graph theory has nothing to do with "charts", like you see in statistics, it's to do with finding your way out of mazes, finding optimum routes, finding optimum positions for mobile phone masts and colouring world maps with only four colours. It's probably the best course I ever took at university, with the possible exception of coding theory (which is about sending data to the outer planets and making sure it gets there safely, making CD players so that even if the disk is dirty they play, designing barcodes that can cope with humans typing them in wrong and sending messages across the Internet without losing them).

My website can be found at My blog can be found at My cat can be found in the only place I don't want her to be, especially if I'm carrying something heavy.

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