Bubble Train

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Bubble Train
In game screenshot
Download Flavor's Bubble Train Page
Original Developer Dwarf City (Adam Child) & Craig Marshall
Ported By Flavor
Version gp2x Coding Competition 2006 (Repackaged)
Webpage Flavor's Bubble Train Page
Status Released and playable

Bubble Train is a fast paced arcade game ported to the GP2X by Flavor that won the 2006 GP2X Coding Competition.


Game Play

Bubble Train is a train of bubbles travelling along a track where the last carriage is the driving force instead of the front one. The bubbles stream along the track trying to reach the end of the line. The objective is to remove all of the bubbles from the train before it reaches the end of the track. There are skill levels available.


  • Download from the archive and place the contents on your SD card.
  • Launch the .gpe to start the game.


In Menu:

  • Joystick - Left, right, up, down
  • A - Select option
  • START - New game
  • SELECT - Back

In Game (Defaults are listed, but they may be modified in options menu.):

  • Joystick - Aim left or right
  • B - Skip ball (can only be used once between shots)
  • X - Shoot
  • START - Pause
  • SELECT - End game


  • TV-Out is not supported
  • High scores table is saved
  • Sound is implemented
  • Instructions are provided on how to create new themes, levels, and music
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