Tower Toppler

Download N/A
Original Developer roever, pkalli
Ported By ElDuque
Version 0.1
Webpage N/A
Status Playable but Unreleased

Tower Toppler is a reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulus.

Libs: SDL, SDL_mixer, zlib

Resolution: Default is 640x480, but can be changed to anything (see decl.h). Tested with 320x240.

Input: Keyboard control (arrows, fire).

Progress so far: Got it to run in the GP2X, some change needed with the controls as usual. The screen looks fine 320x240 and the game is playable but the menus are all over the place. When I fix the menu problem plus file system location dependencies (it currently expects its data in /share) I'll release it.

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