Higher Or Lower GP2X

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Higher Or Lower GP2X
Screenshot of Higher Or Lower for GP2X
Download Archive
Developer Guyfawkes
Version 0.11
Webpage [1]
Status Released and playable

Higher Or Lower GP2X is a simple card game for quick fix gaming. It was originally developed for the Sony PSP and has been ported to the GP2X by the author, Guyfawkes.



The game is playable and fun but has no sound or high score saving, although a high score table is maintained for the duration of play.


  • Copy all the files from the archive to any directory on the SD Card and run Higher Or Lower from the Games Menu.


Higher or Lower is based on the popular TV game show (called Play Your Cards Right in UK) in which the player bets on whether the following card will be of higher or lower value than the current card.

A correct call of Higher or Lower will double the amount of money played and an incorrect call, or a matching card results in losing the money.

The game continues until the end of the run of cards at which point a results screen with the final total won is displayed, along with some other stats.

Ace is low.


Use the joystick to move between deciding to choose Higher or Lower, and changing the amount to be gambled.

  • X - Choose on menus, Decide Higher or Lower, Increase or Decrease bet by 10, Confirm character on Name Entry screen
  • B - Cancel menu, Increase or Decrease bet by 50, Cancel character on Name Entry screen
  • Y - Increase or Decrease bet by half
  • A - Increase or Decrease bet by full amount
  • START - Accept name on Name Entry screen


  • You can change the images of the charts by modifying the file higherorlower.png
  • TV-Out is supported
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