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Original Developer Sokoban
Ported By Joyrider
Version 1.1
Webpage Game's Site
Status Released and Playable
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 Controls (Ingame)
Button Action
Button a.gif Undo Move(s)
Button b.gif Show statistics
Button y.gif Restart level
Button joystick.gif Move Player
Button select.gif Quit to level selector
Button start.gif Test level

Sokoban GP2X is a remake of the classic sokoban game. You as the player need to push boxes to specific locations in the level. Once all boxes are pushed to the correct spots the level is finished.

Sokoban GP2X is basically a sokoban engine, it contains all the game rules and has the ability to use levelpacks. It's possible to create the level packs directly on the GP2X using the built in Level editor. Each level pack can also have customized graphics and menu colors. The game engine also has an undo system up to 1000 moves, and have custom 25 mod or ogg music files loaded up.

How to play

Sokoban GP2X Will start up at a main menu, here you can choose the level pack you wish to edit or play. by using left an right when the levelpack name is selected (it's between "<>" signs). When a level pack is loaded either for gameplay or level editing, the level selector will show up. Here you select what level you wish to edit or play, if it's been unlocked yet. After you solved a level one extra level will be unlocked. you always have to solve to last unlocked level in order to unlock the next one.

Sokoban GP2X can play up to 25 music files you choose yourself. You just have to copy either a .mod or .ogg file to the music directory and the game will use the music in the game. You can also delete or replace the original music files except for title.mod, as this file is needed for the game.


If you wish to create levels yourself ,load up the level editor and create a new level pack. you choose a name by using up down left right and confirm the name by using A. There is a space sign included decrease the selected sign to go to it.

Once a new level pack has been created you can then load it, and you will be in the level selector. just press Y and start creating your own levels. The level editor will know when a level has been changed, so it will ask you, if you want to save whenever you quit back to the level selector (using select). The level editor will also automaticly choose a filename for the levels, you don't need to worry about this.

You can change the graphics used in your levelpack by copying the files from the graphics folder to your levelpack folder in the levelpacks directory, and edit them to your liking. It's not necesary to copy over all graphics, if you just wish to change the titlescreen, then make sure there only exists a titlescreen.png graphics file in your levelpack directory. Have a look at the included pimpernel and gameboy boxxle 1 levelpack folder if you don't know what i mean.

You can also customize the main menu colors by editing the colors.txt file using an editor that's capable of showing linux text files. If you don't have this just use notepad but only edit the numbers. The numbers are saved in RGBA format Red, Green, Blue values and the A is for alpha which is a value between 0 and 255, 0 will hide the menu completly whereass 255 will show it without transparancy. test it out with a value of for example 100 to see the effects.

once your levelpack is finished you can just zip your levelpack directory and release it to the public. They will then have to unzip your levelpack in the levelpacks directory and it will be shown inside the game. It's as simple as that !

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