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Developer skeezix
Version Build 053
Webpage Official site
Status Released and Playable

 Controls in menus
Button Action
Button joystickvert.gif Move the 'dagger selector' up and down in a menu.
Button x.gif Activate the current menu item.
Button y.gif Bring up a help or description panel.
Button b.gif Dismiss menus.
{{control item|control=voldown.gif]] / [[image:button volup|text=Change the volume.}}
 Controls in game
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Move the 'selection' around the playfield, or push a mana orb if one is selected.
Button x.gif Toggle 'selected' on a given mana orb in the playfield.
Button y.gif Brings up some basic help.
Button b.gif Brings up / Dismisses the mighty spell-casting screen.
Button l.gif Shows your avatars character sheet.
Button r.gif Shows your opponents character sheet.
Button start.gif Bring up the options and inventory menus.

Battlejewels is an action/puzzle/RPG like Bejeweled (gem-swapping puzzler) meet street fighter (energy bar) meet Dungeons & Dragons (levelling up, gear, spellcasting, class...).


  1. Download and extract into your SD card, only the .gpe file is required to play.Téléchargez et extrayez le contenu de l'archive n'importe où sur votre carte SD (seul le fichier .gpe suffit). The "extras" directory contain only two screen capture (menu and in game), one wallpaper for your gp2x and two icons.
  2. Launch the game with "battlejewels.gpe" file.

Version history

  • v0.53 - 17/08/2007:
    • Start a new game; old saves are nolonger valid!
    • Levelling:
      • you start at lvl 0, with _no spells_!
      • updates to the character sheet for the new values.. skill pts, spell pts, etc. (the char sheet will get totally redone in awhile to make more room for everything, don't worry.)
      • when you level up, you get 10 skill pts and 1 spell pt
      • awarding experience for clears, casts and match outcomes
      • in the Training Grounds, you can buy spells or train up your skills
      • 1 skill pt adds 1 rank to a skill; meaning depends on the skill and use
      • 1 spell point lets oyu buy one of _your_ spells, if you're at the right level and have its required previous spells. If the spell belongs to another 'colour' (class usually), then it will cost more spell points.. so you might need to save up some if you'd like to buy some other classes spell
      • hides spells oyu already know or that are too high level
      • levelling up gets you free extra hitpoints as a bonus
      • at level 0 (just began a new character), enemies have no spells either
      • amt of experience to level up increases for each level, but shouldn't be as crazy as a lot of games
      • experience for casting only awarded if spell is near your level .. ie: you can't farm by casting low level spells if you're high level
      • less experience for wins in non-refill mode
      • you can't buy monster-only spells, so don't ask
    • Skills:
      • Endurance -- adds to your hitpoints
      • Dodge -- increase your chance to outright dodge incoming damage
      • Toughness -- reduce amount of damage taken in most ways
      • Alertness -- Chance to get first move in a match, and makes you learn faster
      • Speed -- Chance to get free moves when you clear
      • The 5 masteries -- one per colour (so it is best to take the one that is your own colour usually); increases how much mana you get from a clear, and reduces how much damage you take from spells of that colour.
    • Buff/Debuffs:
      • to help see whats going on, a variety of buff/debuff icons will show on your and enemies portrait
      • a 'lock' icon means that character is missing a move, for instance
      • a white-cross means a heal-over-time effect is on
      • theres a half dozen various buff/debuff icons; I'll make it on the website

one of these days, when Ste makes new artwork

    • Mechanics:
      • treasure chest works differently, though not yet ideal; various amts of gold it may return, and various rarities of items
      • you are penalized in hp for bad moves; amt varies by level.
      • AI is a little more aggressive
      • damage shield passes remaining damage through to receiver
      • showing level in save/load slots
  • v0.50 - 08/08/2007:
    • Load and Save slots -- you can have 4 saves now, so you can try more classes out for instance.
    • New Friar class -- mostly pure defence with a heal-over-time, damage reflection shield and cure-poison spells.
    • Some interesting new mechanics; damage over time, poison over time, heal over time, and some other buffs/debuffs, including some simple (not-finalized) icons.
    • The Knave can fire a poison dart; not sure if he is now overpowered, or if all the classes balance when played their respective way; when I add more opponents, and start gearing them up as you gear up it shouldprove interesting...
  • v0.35 - 09/07/2007:
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