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Developer Coelophysis
Version Demo 1
Status Beta

You weren't a magician. You were an annoying, irreverent and unusual teenager. You were used to stay on the gloomy punishment cells of the citadel because your impatience for learn how to control the elements was causing troubles to everyone who was near you.

You weren't a magician, not at that time. As a Loredrim order diacon, you had to obey the Great Archimagician wishes and to serve the order sorcerers until the masters council let you pass the test to be a magician.

You weren't a magician. There wasn't a trace of magic potential in your body; but, for some reason, you were in synthony with the fire element since the day you were born; like demons are... like dragons are... This affinity was the reason why any sorcerer didn't want to be your mentor.

You weren't a magician. And you could be banned from the order or condemned to be a simple diacon for life. Ayuk Shirrel, a name that could be easily forgotten in the mists of time, but that attack to the Loredrim citadel and the median valley changed your fate forever.


Installing and Running the game

  1. Copy the Firewhip folder to your SD card root.
  2. Launch the game using a file called firewhip.gpe located into the Firewhip folder.
  • For advanced users: Fenix runtime is included on the package, but if you want to use another runtime

you can edit your firewhip.gpe file to use any runtime you want; the game should work with lastest betas of Puck2099 fenix runtime.

How to play

Title Screen

Start: Start game
Select: Exit Game


X: Jump
A: Attack
Select: Go to title screen

In this demo there are two whip types only: The fire whip which destroys enemies and the electric whip which freezes them, you must figure out the purpose of including this whip. One full level is also included.

You can switch between whip types by hitting magic spheres that are scattered across the map.

The tiny walking enemies can be killed by jumping on them, not the big ones (try to kill a 10 feet troll by stomping his head and tell me what happens).

If you collect 10 red runes you´ll earn an extra life.

Release notes

The healing powerups aren´t implemented yet so If you get hit five times you will lose a life.

In the final version of the game you'll be able to cast spells and use secondary weapons. You´ll also have more whip types which will be used to open new areas. I've planned to release a new demo anytime soon with some of the new features and new levels (and bugfixes).

This demo is only a showcase of the final game playability and doesn't represent all the features and quality of the finished product. Please I want your feedback, If you find a bug, let me know about it, I'll do my best to fix it ASAP.

Don't forget this is a homebrew project, that means slow development, so I've planed to release new demos with new levels from time to time.


Code, graphics and design by COELOPHYSIS

Based on THE CASTLE OF DOCTOR MALVADO sourcecode by Daniel Navarro Medrano (Fenix version by CHEMARIS)

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