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Original Developer Luke Arntson
Ported By Barnesy
Version 0.1
Status Released and playable

pyTetris is a Tetris clone for the GP2X.

The aim of the game is to create horizontal lines using the randomly selected blocks given to the player. Each level within the game consists of a target number of lines to create.



  • Copy the pyTetris folder from the archive to the root (base folder) of the SD card.
  • Pygame needs to be installed on the SD card for the game to run.
  • To store the game in a different directory on the SD card, the file pyTetris.gpe needs to be edited. See the section below.


  • Joystick - Left, right, down
  • START - Pause
  • SELECT - Back to GP2X menu

Modifiying pyTetris.gpe

pyTetris.gpe is a script (plain text file) that runs the game.You'll need to edit it if you want to run the game from a folder other than the root (base folder) of the SD card.

To run the game from Games\pyTetris, for example, open the pyTetris.gpe file in notepad (or a similar text editor, but not Microsoft Word or any similar word processor) and edit the line

cd /mnt/sd/pyTetris

and change it to

cd /mnt/sd/Games/pyTetris

The code is case sensitive so it is important that the directory name is exactly as it is on the SD card.


  • This game requires Pygame on the SD Card
  • TV-Out is supported
  • No high scores
  • No sound
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