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A screenshot of Dstroy
Download (archive)
Original Developer Home page of the original DOS game
Ported By Naroin
Version v1.324
Webpage Home page of the GP2x game
Status Released and playable

Dstroy is an clone of Bomberman but with "more speed and more fun".


About the Game

Dstroy is a clone of an old Dos bomberman-like game. The game is written in french, but is simple and should be easily understandable for non-french speakers. In the game, you place bombs in a maze to uncover powerups of various kinds. Avoid the blasts from the bombs and the wandering enemies.

The game also includes a "rotate" mode where you can use the ABXY buttons for control instead of the joystick. There is a multiplayer option although it is not implemented for the gp2x.


  1. Download the archive and extract it where you want in your SD. The "src" directory is not used by the gp2x and can be safely deleted to save space.
  2. Launch the game using "dstroy.gpe" ( or "dstroysound.gpe" for the game with sound). To play the game then you have to choose "aventure" and next "jouer" in the menu.


Move the character.
Bypass the screen, use full to pass the introduction screen.
drop a bomb


  • The game images can be modified by editing the image files in the "res" directory.
  • The source code is in the archive in the "src" directory.
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