Chuckie Egg

Chuckie Egg
Screenshot Chuckie Egg
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Original Developer
Ported By crutchlow
Version v1.2
Webpage Authors site
Status Released and Playable

Chuckie Egg is a remake of the BBC Micro classic platformer of the same name. The object of the game is to collect all the eggs on the screen to move onto the next screen, while avoiding chickens and not falling off the screen. Bonus points can be picked up by collecting bird seed, and there is a time limit for the completion of each stage.

The game features the original BBC version graphics and sound. There is no high score table and no game pausing or saving.


  • Download the game file and extract the files contained to where ever you want on your SD card
  • Launch the game from the file "chuckie.gpe".


At the start screen:

  • START : Play
  • SELECT : Exit

In game:

  • Joystick : Move
  • A, B, X, Y : Jump
  • SELECT : Game over
  • Volume +/- : Change volume

Version History

  • v.1.2
    • Grain now pauses time and bonus when collected
    • bonus and time alter just like the original for different levels
    • changed volume control to respond better.
  • v.1.1
    • Fixed bug where when collecting grain and score exceeds 10,000 no extra life is given
    • Fixed bug where at the end of a level and bonus score is calculated and exceeds 10,000 no extra life is given
    • Changed graphics for cage to show a more rounded top
  • v.1.0
    • Original Release
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