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Developer Vilmos
Version 1.0
Webpage Site of dev
Status Released and Playable

Thruster is a fast paced cave flyer where the goal is to reach as high as you can without crashing while eroding the landscape with your thruster. To do so you will need some fast reflexes and a good eye.


  • Three different game modes
  • Two difficulty levels
  • High score tables with replay - You can watch previous games and see how the high scores were done.
  • Beautiful backgrounds by Mentis and Mrpropre
  • Three included ogg tracks with the ability to add any MOD, MP3 or OGG files to the tracklist.
  • More than 2K particles in play at once


  • Programming - ANDREW KEARNS
  • Music and Art - MICHAL WISNIOWSKI
  • Title Art - MRPROPRE


  • Download from the archive and move its contents onto your SD card.
  • Launch the game from the file "Thruster.gpe".


  • Joystick left/right : Turn left/right. The more you push the faster your ship turns.
  • X/B/R : Thrust button.
  • L : slowdown (slower turning speed, not thrust)
  • SELECT : pause.


Add music in MOD, MP3 or OGG format to ./sounds. Make sure the filename isn't huge, max of 256 characters.

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