Star Hustlers

Star Hustlers
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Version 2.5
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The stellar stock exchange rather than the old bull pen now rotates on a first pick basis and puts up only seven stars from which you can choose only one to develop at a time. When you develop two stars next to each other or a sun corporate tenants will move in and you recieve a finders fee of 60 energy crystals worth of stock. When ever you develop a regular star next to a corporation they will expand and their stock increases in value, 25 for prime sun real estate or 10 for any old freshly stabilized star. You may buy or sell stock that is unaffected by the current numbers in play on the open market. As the corporate boundaries touch the more valuable of the two will take over and a merger take place, from which you as a stockholder will recieve 5 times the face value of a share in the lesser company. The greater corp. value will be increased according to the size of it's new holdings. When stock in any corporation reaches 200 crystals it splits and pays a dividend of half your shares and the stock will increase by the number of times it has split multiplied by 5 and added to the real estate's value. As your investments earn 5% interest (with 100,000 limit each co.) you may buy any stock but only prices within your price range and within compliance will be shown in the top window of your Starscope. (Max Buy)'s all you can afford of any one stock, (Liquidate) sells all you own, use (Buy) or (Sell) for smaller amounts. Over sells are capped at the max allowable. Features:

   * Compliance Rule Engine
   * Real-Time Pricing
   * Instant Galactic Trade Matching
   * Dynamic Portfolio Report
   * Ten Wild Background Skins To Choose From
   * Built In News Feed Ticker 

Tips: Buy low, sell high.

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