Super Methane Brothers

Super Methane Brothers
Title screen
Download (archive)
Original Developer Apache Software Ltd and V1.4.7 of opensource version.
Ported By Hc232 & EvilDragon (optimised version)
Version V1
Webpage (PC version)
Status Released and playable

{{Control item|control=l.gif]] + control=voldown.gif / [[image:button volup|text=Change the volume.}}
 Controls in game
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Move the character.
Button a.gif Launch the game. To launch gas with your weapon. Hold the button to absorb malicious in your weapon and release the button to eject it (useful to destroy the walls).
Button x.gif Jump.
Button select.gif Change the graphics of the character during the game.

A GP2X port of the PC version of the Amiga classic. You have to catch the enemies in a cloud of gas and then kick them against the wall. When you have defeated all enemies, you get warped to the next level.



  1. Download the file and extract the files methane.gpe and methaneV1 to where you want it on your SD.
  2. Launch the game from the file "methane.gpe".


  • Some info on the game here


  • The game is written in C++. Like many ports, it maintains its own library of routines for text and graphics. The GP2X port uses the SDL library to connect to the JoyStick and implement the screen bitblt function.
  • Most of the source code is for multiple platforms, and is available from [1]. It uses MikMod for the sound.
  • The source code differences for the GP2X port are included as a zip file in the download.
    • doc.cpp is the code that maps the joystick movmement from GP2X buttons, handles storing high scores, and calls SDL to dump a frame of graphics.
    • SDL_framerate.cpp is A. Schiffler's short frame rate manager.

Version history

  • Optimisez - 03/08/2007:
    • Add Volume Control
    • Change QUIT from Start to L+R
    • Change buttons to make playing more comfortable
    • Recompile with open2x libs
    • Set CPU Speed to 75 MHz!
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