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2xpong 01.jpg
Download (archive)
Developer Nilhcem
Version v0.2
Webpage website
Status Released and Playable
Button Action
Button joystickvert.gif Move the first player. Menu Selection.
Button y.gif Player2: Move up.
Button x.gif Player2: Move down. Menu Selection.
Button b.gif Menu Cancel.
Button start.gif Menu Navigation

Pong game with several game modes and skins, now with sounds. Special feature: Clock mode: A Pong clock for GP2X...


  • Download from the archive and move its contents onto your SD card.
  • Launch the game from the file "2XPonG.gpe".

Version History

  • v0.2: - 14/08/2008
  • v0.1: - 30/01/2007
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