Formula 1 G&W

Formula 1 G+W
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Developer Joyrider
Version 1.0
Webpage website

Formula 1 is just a very small and simple game like those old Game & Watch games, You'll have a formula 1 car at your disposal and you'll need to pass other Formula 1 cars comming to you without crashing into them. It starts of as an easy game but gradually becomes harder since the speed of the other formula 1 cars increases. Just like it was in the original game & watch game i based this one on. This game was made for a little game & watch coding competetion at the retro remakes website ( My personal best score is 7850

Version history


  • Added Tv out options to control the screen position so that people using televisions that have overscan issues, can center the image on the screen. The Screen position is saved and will be reused whenever you use tv out mode.

To use the option hold the Button and press a direction on the joystick

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