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Developer RomanH
Version 0.01
Status Released and playable

BallGame is a remake of the arcade game Uo Poko. There is currently no sound or high scores. TV-Out is supported.

This game requires the SDL libraries to be installed on the GP2X.



The aim of the game is to clear the screen of balls by matching 3 balls of the same colour. Balls are fired using a pinball plunger type mechanism - the further the plunger is pulled back, the further the balls will travel. The platform holding the balls rises every time a ball is shot that does not clear some same coloured balls. The first level features a guiding line to show where the ball will land. Later levels features special balls and time limits for shots.


  • Copy the files BallGame.gpe and sprites.bmp to any folder on the SD Card.


  • Joystick Down - Fire ball
  • A - Fire ball


  • Sprites can be modified by editing the file sprites.bmp.
  • The PC version of the game is also included but is not necessary for running on the GP2X.
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