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Developer Joyrider
Version 1.2
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Blockdude is a puzzle game where you need to be able to reach the exit by moving boxes, it's as simple as that. It is a remake of the Blockman Game from Soleau Software and the TI 83 Blockdude game by brandon sterner. There are 23 levels included. 21 Levels from the orginal blockman game and 2 levels created by me. The game has a built in level editor so you can create new levels on your own and release them as levelpacks. You can also play upto 25 of your own ogg/mod music files.And lastly there is skin support.

Version history

As of 1.2:

  • Fixed a small bug where the player would be moving in the last direction he moved before finishing a level when playing a level from within the leveleditor.
  • Removed some debugging code which i'd forgotten to remove.
  • Added a grid in the level editor and options to hide it (B Button)
  • Added fusion powers Tech Skin
  • Added an icon !
  • Added a parralax layer, just look at fusion power's FP_Tech skin in levels with scrolling !
  • Fixed a bug in the level editor so that levels with no exits(/doors) can't be made anymore.
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