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Developer Joyrider
Version 1.0
Webpage Willemssoft
Status Released and Playable

Checkers. This is Joyrider's version of checkers that uses the official rules with a cpu player. He's included 4 difficulty options and an option to enable or disable the jump heuristic. The last option let the cpu player behave a little bit different so you basically have 8 cpu players to play against.


  1. Download the file and extract the contents to your SD card. Most games can be installed anywhere, but some games need their own directory and some have to be installed to the root of the SD card - check this first.
  2. Install the SDL libraries for GP2X if necessary - see the instructions if needed.
  3. Launch the game with the included gpe file.
  • Many games may require you to maintain the file structure within the archive - if the game seems to quit back to the menu as soon as you open it this is a common cause.

How To Play

Select an item in the menu. Select / Deselect a piece
Quit To TitleScreen, Quit the game.
Change the item in the menu and options screen. Move Piece in the chosen direction when a piece is selected.
R1 + Joystick
In TV-Out Mode Reposition the game screen to counteract overscan.

Game Rules

The game uses the official checkers rules:

  • You must take a piece whenever you can
  • You can not take pieces backwards unless the piece is crowned
  • A piece that reaches the last row on the other side of the board gets crowned and the turn ends.
  • Crowned pieces can only move 1 spot at a time, they can not "fly" over diagonals!
  • If a player can not move any of his pieces, he loses the game
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