Pulplife Special Edition

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Pulplife Special Edition
Ingame screenshot
Download (archive)
Original Developer Juan Pablo Gil Alonso
Ported By
Version 0.5
Status Released and playable

Pulplife Special Edition is a compilation of 4 games, 1 large (Pulplife) and 3 smaller (Acuario, Atrapados, Clones). This pack contains:

  • Pulplife:

In this game you control an X-Wing from Starwars and you fight AT-ATs and other enemis from the episode V The Empire Strikes Back.

  • Acuario:
  • Atrapados:
  • Clones:


  1. Download the file and extract them anywhere on your SD card.
  2. Launch the game from the "Games" menu of the GP2x by selecting the file "Pulplife Wars Special edition.gpe".


  • In the menu:
  • In the game Pulplife:
Joystick Left/Right
Move the vehicle
L ou R 
Turn in that direction.
Fire laser.
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