Robot Escape

Robot Escape
Ingame screenshot
Download (archive)
Developer Site of the Original Game
Version 1.0
Status Released and playable

Robot Escape is a game of rélexion and labyrinth. You are a ball, traveling through a labyrinth. You can turn left or right, but you cannot even turn on you. You must avoid the robots. You can kill out of the robots by discs when you turn.

KaosOverride ported this game using the SDL libraries from the original version.

Source code is included in the archive.


  1. Download the file and extract the contents to your SD card. Most games can be installed anywhere, but some games need their own directory and some have to be installed to the root of the SD card - check this first.
  2. Install the SDL libraries for GP2X if necessary - see the instructions if needed.
  3. Launch the game with the included gpe file.
  • Many games may require you to maintain the file structure within the archive - if the game seems to quit back to the menu as soon as you open it this is a common cause.


Joystick left/right
Move left/right
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