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Ingame screenshot
Download (archive)
Developer PotA
Version 1
Webpage Parkoh
Status Released and playable

BubbleX is an addictive puzzle game where the aim is to remove adjacent marbles that are the same colour to clear the screen of all marbles. If a situation is reached where there are no adjacent coloured marbles to remove it is game over.

There is no high score table, TV-Out is not supported, and there are currently no options available (although the word 'Option' is present on the game menu. There are spot sound effects when marbles are selected or removed.

This game requires the SDL libraries to be installed on the GP2X.


  • Joystick - Left, right, up, down
  • B - Select/remove marbles
  • START - Go to menu


Copy the file BubbleX.gpe to anywhere on your SD card.

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