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Original Developer Openglad / Snowstorm Entertainment
Ported By Nickspoon
Version v1
Webpage (Original version)
Status Relased

Openglad2X is a port of the open-sourced dos game known as Gladiator. It is a top-view gauntlet style RPG that features fast paced multiplayer action, several different classes, and a scenario editor.

GP2X Installation

Copy all the files in the zip (README is optional) to any folder on the SD card, while maintaining the folder structure within the archive.


In menus:

  • All 'Go' buttons are pressed with B
  • All 'Esc' buttons are pressed with Select

On the load team or save team screen:

  • 1st slot: A
  • 2nd slot: B
  • 3rd slot: X
  • 4th slot: Y
  • 5th slot: L
  • 6th slot: R

On Y/N prompts:

  • B = Y
  • X = N

On text entry prompts:

  • X = Enter

Because of the way the game is written, you can type three different letters:

  • Start = h
  • B = g
  • A = c

So, you can call team members and gamesaves hh, gcc, hghcgc, ghhgc or even hccgchchgc! The possibilities are endless!

When renaming team members: Press X to choose the default name, no Virtual Keyboard yet.

When in the buy or edit team screen:

  • Up + Vol+ = +STR
  • Down + Vol+ = +DEX
  • Left + Vol+ = +CON
  • Right + Vol+ = +INT
  • A + Vol+ = +ARMOR
  • Y + Vol+ = +LEVEL

To decrease a stat, do the same button combination but with Vol-. It may seem complicated, but it's not hard to remember the sequence "UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, Y", because that is the order of the stats in the list.

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