Kobo Deluxe

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Kobo Deluxe
Kobo Deluxe Screenshot
Download GP2x File Archive
Original Developer Akira Higuchi (XKobo) & David Olofson (Kobo Deluxe)
Ported By theoddbot
Version Beta 1
Webpage (Original version)
Status Released and playable

Kobo Deluxe is an insanely addictive arcade space shooter; you must navigate through and destroy heavily defended alien structures, targeting weak points while dodging danger at every turn. The original version is an enhanced version of Akira Higuchi's game XKobo. It adds sound, smoother animation, high resolution support, an intuitive menu driven user interface, joystick support and other features. Kobo Deluxe has been ported on GP2X by theoddbot.


  1. Download the file and extract the contents to your SD card. Most games can be installed anywhere, but some games need their own directory and some have to be installed to the root of the SD card - check this first.
  2. Install the SDL libraries for GP2X if necessary - see the instructions if needed.
  3. Launch the game with the included gpe file.
  • Many games may require you to maintain the file structure within the archive - if the game seems to quit back to the menu as soon as you open it this is a common cause.
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