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In game
Download (archive)
Original Developer BigOrno
Ported By Dunny & optimised by Jycet
Version #021212 GP2X
Webpage Dunny's Site
Status Released and Playable


Controls in game

  • Button joystick.gif Move the character.
  • Button a.gif or Button b.gif or Button start.gif combine with movements for special moves.
  • Button x.gif End game.
  • Button y.gif Jump/Up.
  • Button select.gif Pause.
  • Button l.gif + Button r.gif Quit to GP2X Menu.

2xRick is a port of the game Rick Dangerous released by the company Core Design in 1989. It is a platform/adventure game.

The source code is provided with the game file (src directory).


You have to edit the "xrick.ini" file to change the options.

  • Gp2x CPU speed from 66MHz to 200MHz. A value higher than 200 is not taking into account.
  • Three gp2x memory speed.
  • change the gamma.

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Version history

  • Optimised - 03/08/2007:
    • recompilation with open2x prebuilt lib (the best lib package)
    • reduce CPU speed from 200MHz to 66Mhz (edit xrick.ini to change it)
    • apply RAM tweak (edit xrick.ini to change it)
    • apply gamma correction (edit xrick.ini to change it)
    • change icon by rokdcasbah one.
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