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Powermanga Screenshot
Download (archive)
Original Developer TLK Games
Ported By stu
Version 0.80-3
Webpage (Original version)
Status Released and playable

Stu has ported Powermanga, a nice little addictive shmup, to the GP2X - it's pretty much feature complete at this point. The port is based on version 0.80 (latest at time of writing), available from http://linux.tlk.fr/games/Powermanga/.


This release should fix all remaining bugs:

  • Pressing any button properly skips the intro video
  • L & R were the wrong way round (currently they just mimic left & right, i.e. they move the ship left & right - but it was still a bug )
  • High score entry now works properly! You can use up & down to cycle through the characters: ' ', A-Z and 0-9. Left & right move the cursor, and then A, B or the stick completes the name entry and saves the scores, which leads to the next point...
  • High scores are properly saved & read back (there was an endian issue when reading & writing the file), so you can finally keep track of your top 5 Powermanga marathons

GP2X Download Links

The game (ready to run)
The sourcecode (minus data files, which you can get from the above)

The porter has tried to adhere to the Common User Interface Recommendations as much as the default control scheme allows, and I guess it fits in rather nicely - directional controls plus a primary fire and a secondary powerup map rather well to handheld consoles ;-)

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