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Developer Opentyrian, Kalimerou and Slaanesh
Version 0.3
Webpage website

Complete ready to go version. Includes all files required to run.


New default keys in game:

  • A/B are main fire
  • X is switch rear weapon
  • L is left side weapons fire
  • R is right side weapons fire
  • SELECT brings up in-game menu
  • START is pause

New default keys in menu:

  • A/B is main select
  • Y is back a menu or escape

Version history

v0.3 updates include:

  • Non-fullscreen mode is now centered. See Title -> Opentyrian menu.
  • ARM assembler sound mixer. Nice speed up, Pentium detail level is fully playable! Code is thanks to sweetlilmre and his efforts porting Tyrian to the Gizmondo.
  • Improved controls within menus. No longer uncontrollably fast!
  • Improved controls for accessing PAUSE and IN-GAME SETUP.
  • GP2X specific readme-gp2x.txt providing instructions and setup.
  • Redefinable fire keys. See Options -> Joystick menu.
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