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Screenshot of Enigma
Download (archive)
Original Developer Daniel Heck
Ported By Sparr
Version .92-gp2x-2
Status Beta

This is my port of Enigma, released under the GPL v2. Source shall be forthcoming once it is cleaned up and improved a bit more.


  • Menu:
    • B = Click
    • X = Exit
    • Start = Quit/Exit
  • Game:
    • L/R = Slow/Fast
    • B = Use Item
    • X = Suicide
    • A/Y = Rotate Inventory
    • Select = Help (incorrect information)
    • Start = Menu

Other Info

The options menu is mostly unusable at 320x240, switch up to 640x480 to mess with it. The barely-visible button on the level menu is difficulty.

Expect more releases soon. If you know a good pixel artist, I could use better 16x16 tiles.

I am not responsible if this game makes your GP2X explode.

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