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Developer Gade
Version 0.1
Webpage [1]
Status Beta

Lumix is a game similar to Lumines for the PSP. The actual version doesn't support sound but it works very well.


  • Decompress the archive which creates a folder - move this to your SD card.

Developer's Notes

translated from spanish Already here is the public beta of Lumix for the gp2x! I have taken in removing it but of which already waited for because I have spent one week without PC, but this! It is the first beta and single it is a sample of which I have made until now! it has maaaaany failures and so... and the speed is not spectacular, but esque the code still is very little optimized and it does not have nor a month the project.

Single an idea infinitely contains level of test for haceros, the game is still very insipid graphically because I have not added any animation nor anything to it, but it is just a matter of time, the bottom video-animation is very miserly I know it, but single it is a test!

Agradeceria postearais the problems that tengais with the beta, mainly in-game, I believe that sometimes the control clogs or something, contact me if you have errors please! considering single whenever it is a sample and already that it has failures and things by halves! =).

I have tested it in firmware 2.0.0 and 2.1.0 without problems.

TO UNLOAD lumix.v.0.1.RAR:

TO UNLOAD lumix.v.0.1.TAR: BZ2:

The source code I will not release until it is clean, optimized and comprehensible.

Decompress the archive which creates a folder - move this to your SD card.

Within the menu you move with joystick and you select with B, single this available “challenges”, and within this submenu “it proves”, during the game joystick it moves the square of left to right or accelerates its reduction down pressing, with B we rotated it and with start we left to the menu! , the game does not have aim asique until dying or finishing 150 squares that I suspect that explotaria =) jur jur

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