Triple Triad X



Triple Triad X
In game screen
Download (archive)
Developer Sephnroth
Version Beta 1
Status Public Beta

The FF8 card game mixed with some mini-RPG quests. Still heavily in progress, so expect a lot of bugs :)



  1. Extract the rar/zip to a directory of choice on your SD card - it shouldn't matter where :)
  2. Boot up your gp2x, open the games menu and browse to where you extracted it.
  3. Run Triple Triad X.gpe.
  • If you wish to run from a console (for debugging messages) then login like normal, cd to where you extracted it and simply ./ttx - remember to kill the menu first (usually process 22).

Sorry about the fact there are lots of small files making transfer to SD a little slow. Eventually all media and maps/scripts would be contained in a packaged file - but at the moment im editing them so frequently its easier to leave them seperate. It'll do for a beta :)


Okay, this is a public beta. There is no sound and expect bugs! I've spent forever working out the worst of them so it should be pretty clean and playable now - however it's real easy for those bugs to creep in so I need the help of you guys to track them all down. If you find a bug or manage to crash the program then please note down in detail where you were and what you were doing at the time (in the game of course.. not in real life!). See if the bug is repeatable - if you manage to find a way to repeat the bug consistantly then give detailed instructions on how to do it. Also, if you have a serial cable or are able to use the usb cable to telnet into your GP2X and you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING then it would be helpful if you ran the game from a console (see above) and then saved off the output - paying lots of attention to the Nightmare SIGSEGV Handler output. When you have all the information you can gather either email it to me or post it to the WIP thread found at:
This beta contains most of North Llamedos (your home town) and a couple of quests. One quest involves some chickens and another involves beating three sisters at triple triad (and, indeed, finding out who the third sister is). It is very much still an engine test - if you have suggestions for it NOW is the time to make them because when I advance far past this beta I wont want to be going back and making fundamental changes to the core. If people get stuck then I can assist with the quests - one thing I will say is I know one of the triggers is a bit dodgey and you might have to be vigilent when searching a particular book case.. try coming up at it from below whilst hammering the A button.

Known Bugs

Fonts are a bit messy, the left pixel collum is cut off some letters trigger detection is messy at best in the actual triple triad game sometimes a card doesnt capture a card when it should (i think somewhere a < is a > by mistake- will investigate it) the cursor doesnt always reset properly when cycling through categories in the inventory. probably more name entry when creating a new profile is a bit dodgey in text boxes it displays X as the "more" button, it should be A. its just an old image that never got updated. used to be X.


d-stick to move around
A to perform actions
X is generally back
Start will open an options menu
Select is a short cut to your inventory.

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