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Game & Watch Fire
Screenshot of Game & Watch Fire
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Developer Mr.Jabberwocky
Version Final Release
Status Released

Game & Watch Fire is a re-make of Game & Watch Fire. Save the people jumping from the burning building. Control the firemen and 'bounce' the jumpers into the waiting ambulance.


  1. Download the file and put it any where on your sd card in its own folder.
  2. Launch with the Fire.gpe.


Joypad - Left and right (or use the shoulder buttons) Volume up and down to change the volume SELECT to toggle between colour and monochrome display Press START to exit the game and return to file launcher Press X during the demo to turn text on and off.

The Game

GAME A - jumpers leap from 3rd floor window GAME B - jumpers leap from 2nd and 3rd floor windows

You get one point for every bounce. If you missing a jumper you lose a life. If you miss three jumpers its game over.

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