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Developer Miq01
Version 0.6
Status Released and playable

Tilematch is a puzzle game based on Nintendo DS Zoo Keeper.


How to install

  • Copy the tilematch folder to any folder on the SD Card.
  • The file tilematch/data/puntuacions.tlm contains the high scores, and should not be over-written when upgrading versions of Tilematch (otherwise the high scores will be lost).

Language advice

The default language the first time Tilematch runs is Catalan. To change the language select the 4th option from the main menu (LLENGUA).


In an 8x8 tile playing area, the main goal is to line up horizontally or vertically at least 3 tiles of the same kind. There are 7 different kinds of tiles. In order to reach this goal, the player must select tiles and exchange them by surrounding ones. This exchange will be allowed only if it results in 3 or more tiles lined up. It will be undone otherwise.

An extra second of gameplay is awarded for each line created. There is also a special tile on every level that doubles the number of points (per line).

Game modes

  • Normal - Each level requires the player to line up a particular number of tiles of each kind in 80 seconds. If this goal is achieved, the game advances to the next level, and if not the game ends.
  • 100 tiles - The player has 120 seconds to line up 100 tiles of any kind. If this is achieved, the game advances to the next level.
  • Time trial -The player has 100 seconds to line up as many tiles as possible.

Scoreboard description

  • Score - Current score
  • Level - Current level
  • Time - Remaining time to end the game
  • Goal - Number of tiles of each type needed to advance to the next level
  • Tiles - For each kind of tile, how many tiles have been already lined up
  • x2 - Special tile that doubles the number of points (per line)


In Game

  • Stick - Cursor movement
  • A, B, X, Y - Selects the tile to be exchanged (after that, moving in any direction tells the game where to Switch
  • START - Pause
  • L+R - Goes back to main menu

In Menu

  • Stick up/down - Navigation
  • A, B, X, Y - Select option
  • START - Start game


Three additional themes are available:

  • Classical, using simple colours: archive
  • Gweled, using a tileset based on that game: archive
  • SNOOD, with a tileset based on the computer game of that name: archive
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