Ozgur hanoi

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ozgur hanoi
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Developer canavar
Version 0.2
Webpage website

Ozgur hanoi is a simple Towers of Hanoi game project aimed to produce know-how about coding games for GP2X using SDL.


  • B: CPU solves the game with animated moves of the discs.
  • JOY_LEFT, JOY_RIGHT: changes the selected peg.
  • A: marks the selected peg or moves the disc on the top of the marked peg to the currently selected peg.
  • SELECT: resets the game.
  • START: quit
  • VOLUP: increase the time passed while moving a disc.
  • VOLDOWN: decrease the time passed while moving a disc.

Other notes

Action buttons, disc count and some other parameters may be changed by editing the configuration file "hanoi.ini".

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