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Below is a list of applications and games that have been featured on the front page.

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A screenshot of Quake
2xQuake is a port of the seminal first-person shooter, Quake. It was ported by Woogal to the GP2X from his gpQuake version of WinQuake before most people had received their consoles. The game runs at an acceptable 15fps and is playable through all four episodes.
A screenshot of Pang
Pang is a port of the game Pang. It was ported by Ingo Arndt to the GP2X.
A screenshot of Sopwith
Sopwith is a side-scrolling biplane action game involving two sides - cyan and magenta. The object of the game in single-player is to destroy all of the enemy buildings and vehicles, either by shooting, bombing, or colliding with them. To stop you, the enemy has deployed planes to shoot you down and buildings that shoot anti-aircraft fire at you. Each level ends when all the enemy buildings and vehicles are destroyed, and is followed by a faster and more difficult level with the same map. It was ported by theoddbot to the GP2X. You can get the original here.
A screenshot of NeoCDGP2X running The Last Blade
NeoCDGP2X is a Neo Geo CD Emulator created by NK. So far it is an early version with customizable GUI, but it runs some games near full speed without sound.
Ingame screenshot
GP2PSX is the first PSX emulator for the GP2X, developed by Zodttd. GP2PSX has a file menu for choosing games, HLE, sound support and full controls. GP2PSX is able to play games such as Buster Bros Collection at 60FPS with only frameskip set to just 1-2. Compatability is high, speed increase at each release.
A screenshot of UAE4all running Turrican

UAE4all is an Amiga emulator ported from chui's dreamcast code by critical. It has a quickly growing library of compatible games. Features are being constantly added and the emulator is being rapidly improved.

Beat2x is a game in the style of Dance Dance Revolution and Stepmania where the player needs to press the buttons in synchronization with the rhythm of the music to score points.

To play this game it is necessary to download and install music packs which can be found in External Links.

Bubble Train
Bubble Train is a fast paced arcade game ported to the GP2X by Flavor that won the 2006 GP2X Coding Competition. The point of the game is to eliminate all the bubbles on the track so that you can proceed to the next round. Although TV-Out is not supported, a high score table is saved and sound has been implemented. In addition, instructions are provided on how to create your own themes, levels, and music.
PrBoom is a cross-platform version of the classic 3D first person shooter Doom from id Software. Originally written for PC, PrBoom has been lightly modified by mongolito404 to run on GP2X. Supported IWAD include doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad or plutonia.wad from one of the commercial Doom games, or the shareware doom1.wad.
Freedroid is a clone of the classic Commodore 64 game "Paradroid. It was ported to GP2x by ParkyDR under the GPL license. The aim of the game is to destroy all enemy robots, depicted by small black balls with a few numbers, by either shooting them or seizing control over them by creating connections in a short subgame of electric circuits.

Source Code is available at the archive.

Sam and Max in ScummVM
ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the game, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed! ScummVM supports numerous LucasArts 2D adventure games (based on the SCUMM engine), as well as many created using similar 2D adventure game engines.

It has been ported with the help of multiple developers, including DJWillis,NK and recently D_Skywalk.

Google in Dillo
GP2X-GPE is a final release of the GPE Palmtop Environment by nemonoid for the GP2X. Included is AbiWord, Evince, Gaim, Dillo, Gnumeric, XChat, The GIMP, GpsDrive, GCC are included along with all the standard GPE applications.

Almost everything is working pretty smoothly and there has been some speed increases, most notably the new Xorg server patched by Orkie and compiled under OpenEmbedded.

Google in Dillo
Payback is the most recent commercial game for the gp2x. Fully 3D, in the words of, Payback is "A stunning 3D crime action adventure game -- steal cars, take on the Mafia, escape prisons or just go on a bloody rampage -- Want to see what the GP2X can really do?" You can download the demo (56MB) or buy it here
Cockpit Screenshot
D1X-Rebirth is an adaptation of the engine from the DOS game Descent ported by Zico to the GP2X. It runs very nicely at 250mhz with sound.

Descent is a 3D first-person shooter video game noted for popularizing the use of true 3D rendering technology and providing the player with six full degrees of freedom to move and to look around.

Cockpit Screenshot
GP2Xpdf is a very fast PDF reader for the GP2X, based on Xpdf ported by ParkyDR. It is capable of rendering both text and graphics and uses the GP2X11 server and Lesstif to provide an easy to use interface for anybody with even basic prior computing experience to use. It is the first standalone X11 application for the GP2X to attain widespread use.
GnGeo2x gameplay screenshot
GnGeo2x is a port of GnGeo to the GP2X by Pepone. Recently GnGeo v0.7a B4 was released which enables the second processor (940t) to be used for emulation of sound leaving more of the main processor time available for emulating the rest of the system, resulting in a large speed increase. Most games are now full speed with this version. You will need a dump of the Neo Geo BIOS in order to use this emulator.
SuperTux is a port of the popular SDL Super Mario clone (platform game) with the same name. It was ported by scachi and preserves all the features of the original game. It runs at full speed and has graphics which are scaled for use on the GP2X's lower screen resolution.
Banks on GP2X11
The GP2X11 project consists of several smaller projects all sharing a common goal: to provide a fully functional X11 environment for the the GP2X, and the programs to make use of that environment.

At the core of the project is the GP2X11 server. This enables X applications to run and display themselves natively on the GP2X, and use USB keyboards and mice natively. The screenshot on the left shows Banks, a small 3D flight simulator written for X11.

DrMDx Menu
DrMDx is a Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear emulator written by Reesy and is an evolution of the previous releases on the GP32. Although development has been stopped, the source code has been released and it is capable of playing most games at full speed. It has high compatibility and has many options to fine-tune the emulation.
Egoboo in-game
Egoboo2x is a dungeon crawler game, similar to Nethack. It is also the first OpenGL game on the GP2X, ported by rixed to display the power of his Gpu940 library (which runs a 3D renderer on the second processor).
GMenu2X is an alternative frontend for the gp2x. GMenu2X allows you to create direct links for your games and applications so that you can directly launch them without having to browse through all the filesystem manually. It was written by Ryo and is the menu of choice for many GP2X users.
gpSP is a GameBoy Advance emulator originally written for the PSP by Exophase. It is highly optimised for the GP2X and as such will now run many games very well with little or no overclocking required.
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