SD card compatibility


This page lists the make and size of SD cards that users have attempted to use with the GP2X.


Compatibility Chart

Here a table indicating compatibility according to different firmewares by indicating (1) If the console accepts the card and (2) if you can update the firmware with the card. The symbol indicates it as operational. The symbol Χ indicates a problem or a failure. A white space indicates that no information is available.

Firmware 2.1.x Update

It seems this table has been rendered obsolete by the 2.1.x firmware, which seems to support any card which conforms to the original SD standard. At current firmware (2.1.1) GP2X does not support the new SDHC format SD cards, which is what most 4Gb or larger (8gb, 32Gb, etc) cards are. Read more about the SD Association's standards at

Card Compatibility Firmware 2.0.0 to 2.*.*
Description, model name Firmware Version
2.0.0 2.1.0 2.1.1
(1) (2) (1) (2) (1) (2)
A-Data MyFlash Turbo SD 4GB 150x
A-Data MyFlash Turbo SD 2GB 150X
A-Data MyFlash SD 1GB 60X
Canon 16MB
CosKin 512MB
Crucial 1GB
Dane-Elec 64MB
Dane-Elec 256MB
Dane-Elec 512MB
Dane-Elec 1GB
Dane-Elec 2GB
FujiFilm 512MB
I-O Data 128 MB
Integral 1GB
Kingston 256MB
Kingston 1GB
Kingston ElitePro 50x 1GB
Kingston ElitePro 50x 2GB
Kingston 2GB
Kingmax 2GB
Kingmax 4GB
Kodak 512MB
Memory Power 128MB
Micro Memory 4GB
Mr. Flash SD 1GB
OCZ 4GB 150x
HP 128MB P/N 253475-822
Panasonic 256 MB
PQI Hi-Speed 150 2GB
PQI Hi-Speed 150 4GB
Pretec Secure Digital 4096MB Cheetah 133x
SanDisk 64MB
SanDisk 128MB
Sandisk 256MB
Sandisk 512MB
SanDisk 1GB (normal) Χ
SanDisk Ultra II 1GB
SanDisk Ultra II 4Gb Χ Χ
SanDisk Extreme III 1GB
SanDisk 2GB
TakeMS 512MB
TOPRAM 150X 4GB SD Secure Digital (from EBay)
Toshiba 1GB (SD-M01G)
Toshiba 512MB (SD-M512)
Transcend 4Gb 150x
Transcend 2Gb 150x
Traxdata 128MB
TwinMOS 32MB
TwinMOS Ultra-X SD 66X 1GB
Viking 128
Werlissa 1GB (3)
X Digital Media 512MB
Description, model name Firmware Version
2.0.0 2.1.0 2.1.1

Card Compatibility Firmware 1.0.0 to 1.4.0
Description, model name Firmware Version
1.0.0 1.0.1 1.1.0 1.2.0 1.2.1 1.3.0 1.4.0
(1) (2) (1) (2) (1) (2) (1) (2) (1) (2) (1) (2) (1) (2)
A-Data MyFlash Turbo SD 4GB 150x
A-Data MyFlash Turbo SD 2GB 150X
A-Data MyFlash 2GB 50X
Apacer (standard) 265MB
ASA*RTE 128mb
ATP 1GB Haute vitesse 60X SD
Canon 16MB Χ Χ Χ
CN Memory 512MB Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ
CN Memory 1GB SD Card Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ
Crucial 512mb
Dane-Elec 256MB Χ Χ Χ
Dane-Elec 512MB Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ
HAMA Highspeed 256MB Χ Χ Χ
Hama 512MB Χ Χ Χ
Hama 1GB Χ Χ Χ
Integral 1GB Χ Χ Χ
Integral SD High speed 1GB
Kingston 256MB Χ Χ Χ
Kingston 512MB Χ Χ Χ
Kingston 1GB
Kingston ElitePro 50x 1GB
Kingston Ultimate 120x 2GB
Kodak 64MB
Legend 1GB
Lexar 64MB Χ Χ Χ
Lexar 256MB
Lexar 512MB
Lexar 1GB
Medion 256MB
Memory Power 128MB
Panasonic 128 MB Χ Χ Χ
Panasonic 256 MB Χ Χ Χ
PEAK Ultra 1GB 60x Χ Χ Χ
Platinum 2GB Χ Χ Χ Χ
PQI Hi-Speed 150 2GB
PQI Hi-Speed 150 4GB
RamComponents 128MB
Sandisk 16MB Χ Χ Χ
SanDisk 64MB
Sandisk 128MB Χ Χ Χ
Sandisk 256MB
Sandisk 512MB
Sandisk MiniSD 512MB avec adapteur (P/N SDSDM-512)
SanDisk Ultra II 512mb
SanDisk 1GB (normal)
SanDisk Ultra II 1GB
SanDisk Ultra II 1GB USB version
SanDisk Extreme III 1GB
SanDisk Ultra 2GB
SanDisk Ultra II 2GB
Skydisk OEM/Team 1GB Χ Χ Χ
TakeMS 256MB
TakeMS 512MB
TakeMS 1Go "HyperSpeed" 133x Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ
TOPRAM 150X 4GB SD Secure Digital (from EBay)
Toshiba 512MB Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ
Toshiba 512MB (SD-M512)
Toshiba 1GB (SD-M01G)
Transcend 1Gb 80x
Transcend 4Gb 150x
TRANSCEND SD Card High Speed 150x 2 Go
Traxdata 128MB
TwinMOS 32MB
TwinMOS 64MB
TwinMOS Ultra-X SD 66X 1GB
Ultron 512MB
Viking 128MB Χ Χ Χ
Viking Interworks 1GB
Vodafone 128MB Χ Χ Χ
Werlissa 1GB (3) Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ Χ
X4Store 1GB Χ Χ Χ

(3) The updates of this single card are possible by means of the alternative actualizador of Rob Brown. (At least, until firmware 2.0)

Most Cards Require an SD Card Reader

Do not let this list fool you. Most SD cards (those greater than 1GB) require an SD card reader. Using your GP2X as an SD card reader via the USB link to a PC will not work. By compatible this list means works with a GP2X when the GP2X reads and writes to a pre-formatted card, which requires an SD card reader to set up and fill with data from your PC. You may also have to continue using your SD card reader to write data to the SD card from your PC, and not through your GP2X USB->PC connection.

Other notes

It seems that the card may need to have been written to (by a card reader, for example) before the GP2X will recognise it properly. Also the gp2x currently only likes SD-Cards which have been formatted by a SD-Card Reader. Card-Readers present the Cards as a removable device to Windows. The gp2x itself presents them as a harddisk. And gp2x doesn't like harddisk partition tables. So format your card with an SD-Cardreader and chances that your card will be correctly detected by the gp2x will really increase tremendously.

It seems too that some cards require some work, either in Linux or Windows, to work. I have an example of a Dane-elec 1GB that took at least 30 attemps in Windows and Linux (using cfdisk, fdisk, makefs.msdos), FAT32 and FAT16, card-reader or not, to be recognized. Weird thing is nothing fancy was done on the successfull try... so keep trying !

A new gp2x firmware must be released by GPH, so that the gp2x presents itself as a removable device.

Do participate in Talk:SD card compatibility if you can. We need some details on how these cards are formatted. These documents ( and show how to get the data on and off the card, but not how it's laid out. Presumably at some level it's a standard hard disk layout, whatever that is?

Toshiba SD-cards are working well without formatting just as you bought them.

[NOTE] Joe Black: most of USB cables in packages are not working, i tried my own cable and everything is ok. I can read/write on my 4GB without any problems. (I am sorry for my english :-). BTW: Some of MMC are working too. Tomj:I can second that the first cable I recieved didn't work I then got a replacment which was the same type that ships with the GP2x and that didn't work either.

Cards Not Reporting Correct Size

This is a guide to help anyone who is haveing trouble with card not formatiing to the correct size. i.e. 4GB card not formatting to 3.73GB instead to 957Mb.

This Guide is for Windows XP. It should be possible to do somthing similar in linux.

You need a Hex editor for this. This is the one used for this guide

Put your card in the cardreader and run the Program.

Choose "Open Drive" from the Menu and select the Physical Drive of your SD-Card. If you open the logical drive then there are problems when you try to save.

Choose "Edit" -> "Select Range" from menu.

Start Address: 0 Size: 512

Press OK

Select "Edit" -> "Fill Bytes" from menu

Start Address: 0 Size: 512 Hex: 0 Decimal: 0

Click OK


Once you have done this is you right click on the SD drive in my computer and select format it should now read the correct size.

I hope this helps someone. I was getting ready to return my card for being faulty before i found this

This guide has been addapted from a post by MarcusA78 at

--tom 11:12, 26 December 2006 (PST)

--added by cHEM14346777 on 03/01/07

In addition to the above comments, there seems to be an issue with a recent batch of GP2X's whereby any SD Card inserted freezes the device, and fails to eject as it should.

This appears to be down to a bent pin, and it is recommended that you return the device to the supplier unless you are confident to repair it yourself. Some useful links on this issue are:



--added by cHEM14346777 on 03/01/07

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