Screenshot of phoneME on F200
Download(s) v1.0.0 (archive)
cli_install script (archive)
Developer(s) phoneME team
Version 1.0.1
Status stable

PhoneME is a J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) interpreter, ported to GP2X by zaxxon.

Most of the 2d games (like DoomRPG, Worms 2007, 300, Company of Heroes, Rainbow Six Vegas, Destroy all Humans 2, Rayman Kart) work fullspeed.


  • 2d games work very fast
  • works with games up to 320x240
  • screen rotation (horizontal & vertical)
  • network and bluetooth support (untested)


  • 3d games are unplayable
  • no sound support



Note: This howto is valid for the 1.0.0 version of phoneME

Installation of games might be quite complicated for a typical user, and involves execution of shell commands via the termula2x.

The whole process is described in the readme file.

Standard installation:

Go to ./phoneme/phoneME/bin/arm

To install a game you have to execute:

./installMidlet <filename.jar>

This will return ID number of the game.

The ID number is calculated from the order in which games are installed, starting from number 2. So for the first game it is 2, for second 3, etc.. You can always check the IDs by executing:


To remove a game you have to execute:

./removeMidlet <ID number>

If you want to run a game, you can simply execute: ./runMidlet <ID number> ;however your controls aren't configured yet.

To set your controls create a file your_game.gpe with the following content:

#Check ReadMe.txt for key values
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYU=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYUL=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYL=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYDL=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYD=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYDR=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYR=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYUR=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_START=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_SELECT=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_LEFT=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_RIGHT=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_BUTA=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_BUTB=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_BUTX=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_BUTY=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_VOLU=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_VOLD=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_JOYC=<key>
export J2ME_GP2X_REVERSE=1 # add this line if you want vertical orientation of the screen (it can has any value)

cd <your_phoneme_path>/phoneME/bin/arm
./runMidlet <ID number>
cd /usr/gp2x
exec ./gp2xmenu

Now execute it to run your game.

It is a good idea to see how it looks like in the included example: Dweller.gpe

cli_install script:

Wraggster from DCemu wrote a script for the easy games installation. An advantage of this scipt is that it configures the controls for you.

All you need to do is:

  • Download the script
  • Unpack cli_install_game.gpe to your ./phoneme/phoneME directory
  • Copy your game .jar to the ./phoneme/phoneME directory
  • Execute the script via termula2x or other terminal:
./cli_install_game.gpe game_name

Note that the game name must be typed without the .jar extension.

  • The script will now ask if you want horizontal, or vertical orientation of the screen. Type h for horizontal, or v for vertical.
  • If everything is correct, you should now see a message:
The suite was succesfully installed, ID: <ID number>

Enter the ID number below. (don't worry if you made a mistake, this can be manually corrected by editing your ./game_name.gpe).

  • The script will now ask if you want to delete the remaining .jar file. Type y for yes, or n for no.
  • Run your game by executing ./phoneme/phoneME/game_name.gpe from the menu


  • If your game freezes after you push a button, that's probably because this button isn't supported by the game. To fix it simply remap your buttons.
  • If your game_name.gpe returns to menu after execute, that's probably because you entered incorrect ID number.


  • 1.0.1 - increased storage space from 1M to 512M

Game Compatibility

For game compatibility, check the Emulator Compatibility - J2ME page.

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