GP2X Bounties


This is a list of projects on which bounties have been placed by various members of the GP2X community. The wiki is not responsible for these bounties and authors which wish to collect a bounty must contact the person offering the money directly. People should realise that by offering an amount of money for a bounty, they are committing themselves to pay it at any time the bounty is fulfilled (I advise developers to contact those requesting something before starting work to ensure the money is still available) - do not add yourself to a list if you do not intend to pay! It is also requested that those offering a bounty should leave an e-mail address so that they may be contacted.

Please keep the list sorted in alphabetical order by title!

Title Description Reward Offers Complete
3D for Python A 3D library for Python. $5 dodgyville: $5
Amstrad CPC464 emulator Needs to be fast, have nice menus with options, and great sound emulation. $40 Godmil: $40
CPS2 emulator Should run smoothly $10 Yono $10 CPS2emu
Duke2x Mod Support Ability to run custom mods w/ Duke. $20 G8rpal: $20
Flash player Should play a significant part of music videos and movies at full speed, feature fully remappable buttons and mouse emulation. $10 OrR: $10
GBA emulator Should reach playable speed (about 30 FPS average) on less demanding games. $155 iignotus: $30, Paradox: $30, Godmil: $10, Paulo Becker $25, NaCCuRiT $10,dynamic1: $50 GpSP
Homeworld SDL Port At least 25fps, with sound and remade controls for the GP2x €30 Julius: €30
Movie player Should play iPod videos (h.264 encoded), PSP videos, most digital camera videos and most of the most common codecs and containers at full speed. Should have great controls and options. Has to be open source. Should also support music files and have music player functionality such as switching off the screen. $150 Spam: $20, Dzz: $50, gnyffel $20, reallynotnick: $10, OrR: $20, iignotus: $10, Godmil: $5, jose1711: $15
Neo Geo emulator Full speed Neo Geo emulator. With full audio at something under 233mhz. $10 reallynotnick: $10 GnGeo2x
Patapon Clone A simple Patapon clone with enough levels to keep you busy for an hour or two. Volume control. $10
PDF Viewer Should support most pdfs, support color and have reasonably fast scrolling and zooming as well as awesome controls. $25 OrR: $10, Paulo Becker $15 GP2Xpdf
PSX emulator Fullspeed 2D PSX w/ Sound & Save $40 GeminiDomino: $40
Sega System 18 Emulator Should at least emulate Moonwalker at a playable speed. $10 OrR: $10
SNES emulator Should run 90% of major games at full speed with sound. $105 Godmil: 20$, Spam: 20$, reallynotnick: $5, Geminidomino $10, dynamic1: $50
Stunts clone A 3D racing game with the same functionality as the PC classic Stunts with improved graphics, handling and enhanced modability such as making your own cars and track pices. Special rules for this one: The game can be sold for a price of up to 20$ (up to 30$ for an SD card version). However, everyone who donated 15$ or more will get a free copy. (They will, of course, not get the amount they donated more back.) $65 OrR: $40, Paulo Becker $25
Gabriel Knight: Sins of The Fathers engine/interpreter? Must run smoothly and have good sound and music, save-load features, full screen $50 Maynaze: $50
Diablo 2 engine/interpreter? Must run smoothly and have good sound and music, save-load features, full screen, expansion capability $60 Maynaze: $60
Worms clone A realtime Worms-like game. $40 Ajashton: $40
Random Picture Viever PLUS Random MP3-player this program should be for the use of the gp2x as a car-stereo-system. it should be able to randomly play songs from a user defined directory, using shoulder buttons to advance and restart tracks. And should simultanously show a slideshow from a predefined directory in seven second intervals with fade in/out feature while the music is playing $50 manhill: $20, kappel_ml: $30
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